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Directors & Managers


Dee Gardner

Dee’s passion for people, wellbeing and in particular mental health led her to create dedicated retreats for women experiencing menopause, and help them set a positive pathway encouraging a dramatic shift in the way we think and feel about menopause, which as we all know as women is long overdue. With more than 20 years of experience in Human Behaviour and Psychology and an experienced successful entrepreneur, Dee makes it her mission to work with other inspirational women (and men) from all backgrounds who form her dream team that make up the Fountain Retreats Group.


Morven Smith

Morven is dedicated to ensuring that what we deliver meets our high standards, she has an acute eye for detail, as well as a love for women’s health and wellbeing. She has come from a training background within the corporate sector, and lives and works from her office in Sweden. Married to a very supportive husband, she is a mum to two delightful teens and encourages talk about menopause amongst her family. She is full of enthusiasm and enjoys being part of the Fountain family, helping to not only change lives but also the rhetoric surrounding menopause, in a world where the very word has conjured up negative views for too long.


Sabrina Zeif

As Managing Director of The Menopause Chef, Sabrina, and her vibrant personality has a hands-on role, alongside Dee (CEO) and spends her time developing recipes, products, and menus dedicated to menopause, runs the Academy, where women of a certain age who love to cook, provide cookery classes, supper & lunch clubs for menopausal women. Sabrina’s background in pharmaceuticals and healthcare provides insight and enthusiasm for women’s health, and a desire to help change the thoughts and feelings surrounding menopause. This innovative brand leads the way in menopause and its relationship with food.


Natalie Wasserman

Natalie, a vibrant, bubbly South African joined our team Spring 2019 after buying a Franchise/license for Oxfordshire, she soon realised she wanted to be even more hands-on within the group. She now looks after all the licensees and helps us remain the number one company supplying dedicated retreats to menopausal women up and down the UK, Ireland, France & Spain. Her sense of humour has us all in stitches but she carries a serious intent, like us all, to change the face of menopause forever. Encouraging women to take charge of their own destiny by accessing as much information as we can offer through our team of experts.


Paul Keightley

Paul was retired when we met but was doing the odd piece of contract work to keep him busy. He has a strong background in finance and accounting, having run his own business for decades and even a PLC. We were introduced via Dee’s husband Keith, and Paul loved what we were doing so much, he even bought a license for his wife Debs (Gloucestershire). Paul thought it was the best business proposition he had ever seen. He now takes care of all our financials behind the scenes and is a valued member of our team, plus he has gained valuable knowledge about menopause which helps Debs feel supported at times when her Osteoporosis flares up.


Keith Gardner

Keith, married to Dee, loves what she has been creating over the last year or so, and has watched her enthusiasm and dedication to the menopause movement which is taking the world by storm. He has a wealth (4 decades) of experience within marketing and sales structures having owned and sold his own companies over the years, that even included a football club once upon a time. He cannot help but support all the team, even though he has several companies of his own too, he wants to support the ever-present passion for women’s health, ensuring successful marketing campaigns and helping Fountain reach more and more women, not just in the UK but worldwide through his connections and expertise.


Kate Pleace RGN

Kate is a senior nurse with over a decade of experience working within women’s health. She is dedicated and caring and has found her focus is predominantly gynaecology and fertility. Kate has undertaken extensive study within this area completing postgraduate qualifications in reproductive health and counselling. Her passion is giving women the support and information so they feel empowered. Having spent many years training health care professionals she now shares her knowledge, helping us to recruit and train the best Nurses, with Menopause interest.


Claire Graham

A former corporate lawyer, senior manager and university lecturer who spent the past decade working in China, Claire is now our yoga & wellbeing expert for Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire & Warwickshire. Her expertise includes knowledge in particular of yoga for women’s health. Yoga along with nutrition has been absolutely key in managing her PCOS, oestrogen dominance symptoms and causes, and latterly peri-menopause. She’s never happier than when on the mat sharing her passion for yoga and wellbeing and she’s delighted to be part of the Fountain Team.

Advisory Board


Dr. Shahnaz Akhter

Dr. Shahnaz Akhter, BSc, Ph.D Molecular Biology & Genetics is a valued member of our Advisory Board for Fountain Retreats. She has experience in investigated structures of DNA – the molecule of life – using in-vitro techniques and advanced imaging. Shahnaz has also been a Respiratory Physiologist within the NHS and carried out diagnostic testing for lung diseases such as asthma, COPD, emphysema, and cystic fibrosis. She lives in Glasgow, with husband Mustafa and is a busy mum to 5 children and a carer for her mother who suffers from vascular dementia. She remains passionate about Women’s Health and we value her counsel should the need arise.


Dr. M. Nasir

Mohammad is a renowned Ethical Entrepreneur, Chairman, CEO & MD and was awarded an OBE by the Queen for services to business. A multi-talented and award-winning business leader with top executive level experience spanning over 25 years. He has successfully introduced new brands into the global market and assisted in the growth of businesses within diverse sectors by introducing innovation, repositioning brands and implementing digital technologies. Mohammad has a wealth of business experience that also includes the NHS, he is valued member of our advisory board, and available should we ever require his professional counsel.


Elisabeth Ribbans

Currently Director of Policy & Public Affairs, British Copyright Council, Lis is also a former managing editor of the Guardian Newspaper. Lis now works as an editorial and communications consultant. She is a former member of the Complaints Committee of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (2014-2017) and writes a regular column for Business Spotlight magazine. Lis has a passion for health and wellbeing, is an advocate for Yoga to help keep the body active and moving. She takes a keen interest in health and wellness and divides her time between London and The Cotswold countryside where she also enjoys running and cycling.

Official Franchisee’s


Shirley Wilson

Shirley’s passion and energy for Fountain Retreats, and all it has to offer is obvious. Having seen the advert recruiting new licensees during our 1st launch phase, Shirley soon became aware of the importance of this journey, to discover all about the menopause, and enable women to understand themselves better in order to gain control during a time that can feel far from self-controlled! In recent times she has experienced the loss of her mother and that provoked much thought about what she wanted to do with the rest of her life… then Fountain came along, it seems that it was meant to be!


Sarah Callus

Sarah Callus lives in Cardiff, Wales. During her spare time, she loves yoga, walking in the countryside and spending time with her family and friends. She has been practicing yoga for over 12 years and it has really helped her to relax and stay healthy, especially during perimenopause. She is also a Reiki master and loves being able to help people. Sarah has been on many retreats herself and understands how beneficial they can be, but never one so dedicated to one important cause. Having had a mixed career in teaching and hospitality she wants more meaning in her life, hence becoming a licensee.


Christine McGonagle

Christine is fortunate to have a very supportive partner in Steven, they live together in Donegal, Ireland with Christine’s youngest son. She is a Mother of 6, and grandmother of 5! Her working life has been predominantly hospitality and security industries for more than 30 years. She absolutely loves to meet new people and has found recently that there was something missing, feeling she was capable of so much more. She knew there would be something out there for her. Finding out she was Peri-menopausal she started to research what was happening to her when she stumbled across us at Fountain Retreats!


Giselle Walker-Salisbury

Giselle lives in West Yorkshire with her husband Sy. They have a grown-up Son and a grandson. Giselle has worked within the Sales Industry and also runs her own beauty clinic. Many of her clients are going through menopause, and she believes that Fountain Retreats is the perfect opportunity to gather together to discuss and help those who can often feel isolated. She has a caring and understanding nature and loves to meet, help and get to know people. With her bubbly personality and very positive outlook, her cup is always half full never half empty.


Karen Hatchett

Karen lives in Norfolk with her husband and daughter. She has spent most of her career in the Travel Industry, working for a leading UK Tour Operator within their Human Resources division as an HR Manager. A couple of years ago, Karen decided to concentrate more on her health, as she started to notice she was just not herself anymore. She lost 2 stones in weight and regained some long-lost confidence along the way. Wanting to “make a difference” and help others she trained with Slimming World and went on to run a successful group in her local village. Karen feels that the Fountain Family is the perfect fit for her as she wants to help women overcome anxiety and worry so that they can live a more full life after menopause. Meet her at retreats in Norfolk & Suffolk.


Gwen Swinbank

Gwen is young at heart and a menopausal mother of two daughters rising to the challenges of the inevitable ageing process. She hails from the scenic and historic county of Durham though she started her working life in a busy Accountancy office in Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh. She moved back to her home county after falling in love and thus the beginning of a 30-year-long marriage still going strong! Once her girls had started school she embarked on many years of study gaining qualifications in counselling skills, business, communication, and teaching, in order to get her back into a career and provide a much welcome break from Barbie’s and Disney movies. Always ready to listen and support wherever she can, this exciting adventure seems like the perfect next step.


Dawn Upton

A large part of Dawn’s career was spent working for Virgin Media where she held various roles from managing a large Customer Service Centre, to working on some of the company’s major projects. However, it was her passion for helping others to achieve their best where she was always happiest. Dawn trained as a Personal & Business Coach in 2012 which she says completely changed her as a person. It helped her not only to find out so much about herself but also helped her enormously to bring out the best in her team. She, therefore, feels perfectly suited to this role, and really enjoys welcoming new friends to her retreats.


Nicky Donaldson

Nicky has had a long and often turbulent time with the menopause for more than 10 years, however, using her valuable experience she loved the idea of becoming a trusted licensee to host retreats in Spain where she lives. Married to Martin, she has one grown-up son, and a wonderful granddaughter who is 11 years old. She lives near Marbella in the beautiful Andalusia region of Southern Spain. As a qualified Yoga & Pilates teacher, and keen exerciser who loves walking, Nicky is both inspiring and energetic, as well as understanding. Scottish by birth, she has traveled extensively across the world.


Debs Keightley

Debs married to Paul, our very own CFO was the first to experience our retreats, hosting her first ones in Gloucestershire during May 2019. She is experienced in hospitality, having had many years working within the hotel industry, and has also been a practice manager within a Doctors Surgery managing GP’s, so she is well versed in organizational skills. Debs is originally from South Africa and is friendly and outgoing, very chatty with her colleagues and guests, and has a special understanding of Osteoporosis which she has suffered with for a number of years. She proudly holds a license to run Fountain Retreats.


Helen Pearson

Helen, now in her 50’s and a couple of years into her menopause is proud to be a part of this amazing Fountain Retreats adventure. She is embracing the new ‘Helen’ as she feels empowered by becoming the licensee for the Charente region of South West France. Originally from Yorkshire along with her supportive partner Dave, bought property in France more than 12 years ago, and have traveled together extensively over the last 30 years. As she becomes inspired, she is starting to inspire others, helping change the face of menopause in the wonderful French countryside.


Celeste Moore

Celeste has spent most of her career in both the care and education sectors. She has experienced adventurous spells living aboard in Australia and Spain, the latter spent owning and running a Bi-lingual Nursery School in Marbella, Spain. Her calm, caring and congenial personality will suit perfectly the role of ‘Licensee & Host’ for Fountain Retreats. Supported in her role by her husband and eldest daughter she will greet you in the lovely surroundings of some of Warwickshire’s best country retreats. In her 50’s, she knows all about the menopause and the challenges it brings.


Holly Paige

Holly is passionate about human potential and has worked in natural well-being for over two decades. Her specialties include nutrition for emotional well-being and sustaining youthfulness throughout life. She feels that the second half of a woman’s life can be the best time. What’s more, women of this age have an incredible amount to give the world in terms of wisdom, skills, experience, caring and more. Holly loves the Devon countryside and is excited to welcome you to a beautiful location in this lovely part of the world for a life-changing retreat.


Wendy McDonald

Wendy is a busy working Mum, perimenopausal and facing the same pressures as most women juggling work, children, and ageing parents, with little time to look after ourselves. Frustration over conflicting information and lack of local support regarding menopause treatment led Wendy to Fountain Retreats. Wendy is passionate about giving women the opportunity to gather the knowledge they need to make decisions which are right for them, recognising that everyone is different. Wendy welcomes you to her retreats.


Helen Carr

Helen lives in Eastbourne with her husband Andy and runs her retreats with business partner Imelda Rea (also a nurse). She has been a respected registered nurse in the NHS all her working life and now feels ready for her next adventure, but she still wants to help people and put all of her amazing experience to good use. In her 50’s and having experienced menopausal symptoms for more than 9 years, Helen is pleased to be part of the Fountain Retreat Family and to support other women at this time in their lives to take back control and enjoy life to the full.


Kavita Kumar

Kavita is a business owner with a background in Health Care within the NHS. She has an avid interest in Psychotherapy, Neuroscience, and the relation between mind & body. She adores nature, sunshine, flowers and shabby chic decoration! Kavita has a genuine passion for women’s health and believes you cannot pour from an empty glass. So her commitment to ensuring you have a fabulous time at her retreats comes straight from the heart! Let’s pause, learn, unwind, and celebrate together this stage of our lives in the breathtaking county of Oxfordshire.


Karine Waldron

Karine is a cancer survivor who understands too well the impact that treatment has on peri-menopausal women. Limited hormonal therapy options, the lack of reliable information and knowledge on the subject, the implications of coping and importantly accepting the realities of life, having entered into premature menopause all represent the trigger for Karine to jump on board the Fountain Retreats family. It is a privilege to be part of a new revolution for our generation. One that is committed to empathy, nurture, and delivery of trustworthy information in a safe first-class setting.


Lainey Hall

Lainey is the proud ‘Mother of Cats’, and lives in Essex with supportive husband Dom. Hobbies include yoga, walking, gardening, and spending time with friends and family. Currently mid-fifties, and four years into menopause, Lainey has had a long professional career with the NHS and local authorities supporting families and young people with challenging emotional & mental health difficulties. She met Dee, found a kindred spirit, and became excited to be part of the Fountain Family to help make a difference to all menopausal women. She hopes to use all her skills to enrich the Fountain experience.


Sarah Threapleton

Sarah spent most of her career working in the public sector as a marketing professional, but her menopause was the catalyst for changing her life. She decided to take voluntary redundancy in order to take a step back and decide what she wanted the next stage of her life to be like. The Fountain Retreats opportunity seemed like a perfect fit as she wanted to do something that makes a positive difference to people’s lives while utilising her existing skills. A friendly and down to earth northerner, Sarah has a wealth of events experience and is looking forward to welcoming and having fun with the ladies who attend her retreats.


Margaret Warren

Margaret lives in East Lothian surrounded by Divers Villages, and those from the Art World due to the location. She is 56 years graceful and has 3 grown-up girls, plus 8 grandchildren. Margaret has worked within the service industry for many years as a professional hairdresser. Due to the menopause, she found hairdressing difficult, so decided to work from home offering Air BnB. She understands menopause now at so many levels as many women would try to discuss in detail their own menopause journeys whilst having their hair done. She adores family time and walking.


Nikkie Cox

Nikkie lives on the Wiltshire / Somerset border and is excited to be the licensee for Wiltshire. Her working life has been mostly within Human Resources, and more recently she was looking for a more meaningful role when the opportunity to join the Fountains Retreat family came along – a chance she jumped at immediately. With a life-long passion for personal development and coaching, spreading the word about the menopause fits right in with Nikkie’s aim of empowering women like herself. She is enjoying learning more and more about menopause, and the knowledge is often shared with supportive partner Mark.


Suzanne MacGregor

Suzanne, a qualified Nurse & Midwife has worked for the NHS over many years. She is passionate about providing good quality care. Suzanne became interested in Menopause during her own journey as she experienced symptoms of peri menopause that started several years ago. She has 3 fabulous children, wonderful husband, dogs, cats, chickens, and even looks after a Pygmy hedgehog belonging to her son. She wants to make it her mission to ensure women feel cared for at her retreats and leave empowered and full of important knowledge. She looks after Cheshire East and also Wrexham, North Wales.


Jacquie Clerck

Jacquie now in her 50’s lives in London with her husband, Miles. She has two grown-up children who are both health & fitness fanatics. Having been through the menopause, Jacquie understands only too well the importance of looking after yourself. Jacquie has been a costs lawyer within the corporate world for more than 20 years and now would love to follow her passion within health & wellness and to help people get the best from life. Jacquie qualified as an Ayurvedic massage therapist and gained a diploma in anatomy and physiology in 2013. She makes “wellness” hampers for friends and family. She loves walking, yoga and travelling.


Els Comeyne

Els is from Belgium and lives with her Moroccan husband Abdel in Belfast and have two grown-up sons in their 20’s. Abdel is a Chef, and they enjoy travelling together and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Els has been a qualified Yoga teacher for more than a decade and realises how beneficial yoga is to menopausal women. Owning a license with Fountain Retreats has opened many doors, ‘it is a dream come true,’ says Els. Look forward to some fabulous retreats run by Els, in Ireland, together with her team of experts dedicated to making menopause an uplifting journey of growth and self-realisation.


Janice Tiffin

At 54 Janice reached a time in her life where she feels a healthy lifestyle and looking after oneself is really important. Balancing hormones to feel well. Suffering herself from numerous menopause symptoms and doing her own research has led her to become very knowledgeable. In 2015 she lost both her brothers and this prompted her to rethink priorities and to do something more rewarding and fulfilling. She has two grown-up children plus dogs and lives with her partner in Bexleyheath. Delighted to be part of the Fountain Family, she is excited to experience this adventure.


Lorna Manning

Lorna lives in Berkshire and has spent most of her career working for large Corporates. Most recently as a Contract and Bid Manager. She decided to take voluntary redundancy from the corporate world in order to take a step back and decide what she wanted the next stage of her life to look like. Lorna is passionate, bubbly, and dedicated to the cause. It’s her mission to help others and share her life experiences. This opportunity has come at the right time for Lorna, it’s a perfect fit, as she wants to make a difference and is looking forward to the future with the Fountain Retreats family and the amazing adventures ahead.


Liz Coleman

Liz returned to the UK in 2018, having spent many years in New Zealand working as the National Brand Trainer for a skincare company. She has a wealth of knowledge that spans some 30 years within the health and wellness industry. Every woman will experience the menopause at some stage in their life, whether they are younger or older. She decided to join Fountain as she felt that she could combine her passions for health, and wellbeing and enable women to better understand how to look after themselves before, during and after the menopause. She cannot wait to see you at her retreats soon.


Tracie Greenhalgh

Tracie has spent her career as a successful HR leader and has run Personal Development Programmes specifically for women. She often discovered her delegates struggled with changes associated with menopause, impacting on carrying out tasks, roles and handling emotions. Intent on embracing the next chapter of her own life, she made it her mission to find out as much as she could about the mental and physical changes and journey that she is now on and was surprised by how little information was really out there – then along came Fountain Retreats and the rest, as they say, is history!



Linda Anslow

Linda is 50 and lives with her partner, 2 sons and 2 dogs in the North West of England, she has been in Perimenopause for 2 years and is passionate about helping other women deal with the changes they are facing at this time of life. Her background in education and welfare in a busy national role has had to work alongside caring for her mother. This career came to an end in September 2018 after redundancy. Her mother now needs care following a fall and head injury and this has made her re-evaluate what’s important in life and she is thrilled to have come across the opportunity to be a licensee for Fountain retreats.


Donna Anker

Donna is so passionate about helping other women through their menopause journey. In her late 50’s, she understands the physical and mental changes that can happen. She is a mother of four boys, and has 8 Grandchildren! Her interest and love for all things spiritual led her to gain a first degree in Reiki. She is extremely excited to be joining The Fountain Retreat family, bringing with her humour, empathy, and enthusiasm. You will always be assured of a warm and inviting welcome when you visit her retreats.



Elizabeth Coldwell

Elizabeth is an ambitious, experienced mum of 4 amazing active children, currently living in South Yorkshire. Over her career, Elizabeth has worked in events organisations, personal training, and nutrition. She is passionate about helping women learn and embrace natural health and improve the quality of life. She lived in France for 8 years and is bilingual, has also travelled the world with her partner, and is currently studying Travel, Tourism & Events Management at Huddersfield University. Elizabeth enjoys belly dancing, skiing, languages, and international cuisine, and any spare time she can squeeze out of her busy schedule is spent traveling both solo and with her children, whilst she shares with them the joys of the world. She is delighted to be part of our amazing family.

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