The Sisterhood Brooch

This iconic design of this incredible Silver Plated Sisterhood Brooch, depicts our emblem of a fountain, with two birds taking a drink as they share the power of life and wisdom from the fountain together. The Sisterhood Brooch is symbolic of women sharing the same struggle as they come to grips with nature’s midlife challenges, sipping from different tiers, showing the varying levels of menopause, an experience different for every woman.

Now For The Clever Bit…

The Brooch, designed by Dee, Former Psychotherapist to the Stars, Founder & CEO of Fountain Retreats, The Menopause Experts, aims at influencing women to outwardly display ‘a tough day’ without having to tell anyone or say a word. We all have them right? And during the menopause, or the lead up to the menopause, these days can become more frequent. Often we can’t verbalise our inner thoughts and feelings, and it can become very difficult to articulate how we’re feeling. Sometimes within ourselves we don’t know what’s wrong, but we just know we’re having a bad day.

Wear it around the home so that your family are aware of how you feel – or outside of the home on an everyday basis to show solidarity and support of other women.

More women are left by their partners during the menopause than at any other time during a relationship. This is often caused by long-term misunderstanding and miscommunication.

The brooch is silver plated and handcrafted. It arrives in a gorgeous blue velvet pouch for that added touch of luxury and includes an instruction card.

Brooch measures approx 40mm height x 30mm width.

Allow 7-10 days for delivery.

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"On the days when I just don't feel quite myself, I wear my brooch and my husband is so much more supportive & understanding of my mood. I trialled it with him before we made it available to other women. "

"I have started wearing my brooch during times of mood swings. It does not only help me, but it helps my husband Martin too, wonderful invention. I love it. "

"My husband and I share the brooch, it helps us both and breaks the ice when I am moody. It really makes me feel more in control of my menopause."

"It is incredible how one small piece of jewellery can have such a terrific impact on ones life. It acts like a positive anchor, that helps me keep control."

"You don't actually need to be menopausal to feel the benefit of this brooch, I use it for my PMT. I partner feels the benefit too!"

"I do not have a partner, however, my children understand that when I have my mood swings, it does not mean I am angry with them, they understand now when Mummy wears the sisterhood brooch. It makes me feel so much better knowing they understand more about my menopause."

"The wonderful Sisterhood Brooch is an easily recognised sign I am having an 'off' day to my previously unaware husband. It has saved so much confusion."

"Sometimes words cannot convey how we are feeling, when family and friends understand the meaning, the sisterhood brooch speaks for us."